Reading --that is to say, literacy--is the key to true fluency in any language, and French is no exception. Frequent reading "programs" the syntax and vocuabulary of the language into your brain. French is a very accessible reading language for English speakers, because the alphabets are almost entirely the same. Once you learn the difference between e and e, c and c, a few other outliers, and some basic rules of pronunciation, you'll be on your way.

They key, then, is  to find lots of  interesting stuff to read. Once again, the internets come to the rescue. Thanks to a worldwide series of tubes, you can find everything from dissertations on Sartre to comic strips in French to load onto your laptop. Here's a few suggestions to get you started:

French Wikipedia -  French language articles on just about any topic you can think of. Also, remember that if you're surfing the English Wikipedia, and find and article that you mike like to read in French, you will find a link to the French language version on the same page, in the left sidebar.

Le Devoir - online French language newspaper from Montreal.

Le Monde - major French newspaper. Limited access. Various comic strips (bandes dessinees) in French.




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