Brian J. O'Neil, MD, FACEP. Lab Director, Associate Chair for Research.

Rita Kumar, PhD. Assistant Professor.

    Main Interests: Translational control, organelle dysfunction, unfolded protein response.


Anthony T. Lagina, MD. Assistant Professor.

Thomas H. Sanderson, PhD. Assistant Professor.

    Main Interests: Growth factor signaling, organelle dysfunction, mechanisms of cytochrome c release.


Jie Li, MD. Research Associate (Department ofNeurosurgery).

    Main Interests: Focal ischemic stroke, hypothermia. (Collaborator.)

Karin Przyklenk, PhD. Director, Cardiovascular Research Institute; Professor, Depts of Emergency Medicine and Physiology.

    Main Interests: Cardiac ischemia, pre- and post-conditioning. (Collaborator.)

Jonathon M. Sullivan MD, PhD.   Associate Lab Director, Course Coordinator, Fellowship Director.

    Main Interests: Growth factor signaling, mitochondrial dysfunction, combination therapies, hypothermia.



Our Excellent Research Assistants:

Michael Deogracias   Ying Chen    Danielle Bazzi   Joe Wider   Michael Dymond MD   Rasika Chepuri


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