Welcome to Brain Ischemia 101!

This  web presentation is an introduction to what we do at the WSU Emergency Medicine Cerebral Resuscitation Laboratory. What we do is investigate the molecular pathophysiology of brain ischemia as part of a long-term effort to develop effective therapies.  I designed this presentation to be fun and easy to use. Please contact me with any suggestions for improvement. You can use the outline at the bottom of the paget to navigate to any part of the syllabus. Or just hit the "Begin" button to start learning.

Jonathon M. Sullivan MD, PhD

Associate Director

Emergency Medicine Cerebral Resuscitation Lab



Research Elective Requirements






  1. What is Brain Ischemia? - Why, ischemia of the brain, of course.
  2. Bad Things Happen in Ischemia  
  3. Worse Things Happen in Reperfusion
  4. Take Your Medicine - Time for a little therapy.
  5. Further Reading and Exercises. I know you can't wait.


LABORATORY TECHNIQUES WEBSITE. A companion website with all of our most commonly used techniques, including our animal model and notes on use of the equipment. Passoword-protected; contact me if you wish to gain access.