Showdown at the Mito Corrall

Let's illustrate how this works while at the same time tying it together with what we've already learned about intrinsic apoptosis. You don't have to memorize all the details--for one thing, it's not clear that all the interactions illustrated here are relevant in brain ischemia. Moreover, the outcome depicted here is one of many possible developments. Sometimes the Black Hats win, and sometimes it's the White Hats who carry the day--depending on which set of Bcl-2 interactions predominate, which in turn dpends on all the factors that influence those interactions.

What's important is that you grok the concept--complex Bcl-2 family interactions, combined with the input from caspases and multiple other factors, contribute to the cell's complex "decision" to live or die.

Animation. Black Hats and White Hats settle some scores.