You Can Do Combinations!

You betcha, and as far as I'm concerned that's the next step. Hypothermia works, and it's the foundation for the development of new therapeutic protocols. For example, what about combining insulin and hypothermia? Consider the figure below. It's a modification of the one we looked at a few pages ago, showing how a combination of insulin and hypothermia might target the damaging processes in brain reperfusion.

Figure. A two-component combination therapy for brain reperfusion. Hypothermia and insulin are represented by light blue balls, and attached to damaging processes which they target. Relative sizes of the blue balls indicate the relative effect which each component is expected to have on that target process. As an exercise, you might try constructing similar diagrams with different combinatorial therapies.

Does it work? We don't know yet, but with any luck we will soon. And if it does, the next question would be: what if add a free radical scavenger to that combination? And a glutamate inhibitor to that combination?

I think this is the way forward. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong.

We'll find out.